How To Take Great iPhone Pet Photos

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Here is a handy guide for capturing that perfect iPhone photo of your beloved companion (or a cutie that you stole from someone else). This information will surely be useful – whether you are trying to get more Likes on Facebook, or you find yourself having to make a “LOST” sign when your pet runs away after getting sick of being photographed all the time.

1. Find a cute animal to photograph. Nothing can ruin a photo faster than having an un-photogenic subject. Sorry if your pet is unfortunate-looking – there’s not much you can do. 

pet 1

These 6-week-old puppies will serve as our cute animal models. I’m calling them Sherlock and Watson, and they came to me as fosters from Wonder Dog Rescue

2) Have your camera phone ready at all times, as pets are known to be spontaneously cute at any given moment – especially when they don’t think you’re looking.

pet 2



3) Be prepared to take a million photos – not all dogs are trainable, and all cats are cats. Remember that patience is a virtue! 

pet 3

Finally got it!


4) If they don’t seem to be getting it, make them look at an example to follow. We can’t guarantee that this will suddenly turn your puppy into a show dog, but at least it will give you a break in between shoots!

pet 4


5) Use treats or other forms of coercion to make them look towards you (and the lens). Sometimes, this will require you to contort your face or make a strange noise, just to shock your pet into looking at you.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 1.04.04 PM


6) If they are too squirmy, capture them when they aren’t active – naptime is an opportune moment! They are most vulnerable right when they wake up and are still half-asleep. 

pet 6 after desktop


7) Take advantage of natural lighting. You want their fur to look soft and sleek. 

pet 7


8) Don’t let them slobber all over your phone, even if your case resembles a delicious ice cream sandwich (I wish mine did)…

pet 8


9) Reward a job well done with cuddles for all!

pet 9


10) Share the cutest (or funniest) shots on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any other social platform – and be prepared to receive more loves and likes than you’ve ever gotten before!

pet 10

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