Nag a ram

While searching for SF Weekly articles written about my dad during his stint in the SF Mayor’s office, I found out that the publication had written something about ME! Well, not about me, but an article that I wrote. Yes, my infamous drunken Lazy Bear review apparently made the rounds, prompting SF Weekly writer Peter Kane to apply Lazy Bear head chef David Barzelay’s anagram approach to other famous SF restaurants. The results are extremely amusing, and as an added bonus, SF Weekly will be running other stories of my intoxicated restaurant visits, as they occur.


My personal favorite is Gary Danko’s transformation into “Dragon + Yak,” which based on the popularity of restaurants with similar name formatting (Craftsman + Wolves and so forth), I would expect it to do extremely well. And I suppose the whole Gary Danko being the chef part wouldn’t hurt.

You can read the article on SF Weekly.

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